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Overview of CTIA Spectrum Clearinghouse, LLC


On October 4, 2006, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") designated CTIA—The Wireless Association® to act as a clearinghouse administrator who will facilitate the cost-sharing process pertaining to the relocation of incumbent facilities in the Advanced Wireless Services ("AWS") spectrum band. To ensure the independence and neutrality of its clearinghouse, CTIA has established a new entity, the CTIA Spectrum Clearinghouse, LLC, ("CTIA Clearinghouse"), to serve as the non-profit cost-sharing clearinghouse. The CTIA Clearinghouse is committed to managing the cost-sharing functions for the relocation of Broadband Radio Service ("BRS") and Fixed Microwave Service ("FS") incumbents from the 2.1 GHz band on a fair and equitable basis.

In making spectrum available for AWS, the FCC rules require the new AWS licensees to pay the costs associated with relocating the legacy systems operating in the 2.1 GHz band. Accordingly, the new AWS licensees will need to invest significant sums to relocate the incumbent BRS and FS systems. This investment will allow the new AWS licensees to enter the market and deliver the benefits of advanced wireless services with a minimum of delay.

The concept of a cost-sharing clearinghouse distributes the burden of incumbent relocation equitably and promotes the rapid build out of new networks. The CTIA Clearinghouse encourages companies to register their relocation costs to ensure accurate and timely notification of all reimbursement opportunities. Pursuant to the FCC's rules, new entrants must share the burden of funding these relocation costs by reimbursing a proportion of the relocation costs that have already been paid by others.

The CTIA Clearinghouse has hired Comsearch, a leading provider of wireless engineering services, to handle the day-to-day operations of its clearinghouse. This includes the determination of when cost-sharing activity is triggered and the notification to the affected parties of such an event. CTIA Clearinghouse, through its contract with Comsearch, has developed and launched a web-based application to calculate and manage cost-sharing activity for participating licensees. This web-based tool will enable the CTIA Clearinghouse to accept and process cost-sharing requests with minimal delay. By registering with the CTIA Clearinghouse, AWS licensees can comply with FCC rules and ensure reimbursement of their relocation investments by new entrants for years to come.