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Closed on January 31, 2018

Meredith Attwell Baker, President and CEO, CTIA On behalf of CTIA—The Wireless Association® and our Board of Directors, we congratulate you on your AWS spectrum acquisition. Your efforts in utilizing this spectrum for Advanced Wireless Services are key to the vitality of our industry.

I am also delighted to introduce you to an additional industry service we have added to our portfolio: CTIA Spectrum Clearinghouse, LLC. The Federal Communications Commission selected CTIA to provide cost-sharing clearinghouse services for the relocation of incumbent systems in the 2.1 GHz band. The licensing and subsequent deployment on this spectrum is considered critical to the continued and unprecedented growth of our industry and the proliferation of advanced wireless services. CTIA is pleased to work in concert with the FCC and provide cost-sharing services to your company and others who are affected by this spectrum-clearing activity. We stand ready as an FCC-designated spectrum clearinghouse to apply our unequalled resources and industry expertise to this service offering.

The CTIA Spectrum Clearinghouse, LLC is thrilled to be considered for this industry honor and will outline for you its portfolio of services. CTIA Spectrum Clearinghouse has contracted with a noted industry leader, Comsearch—a CommScope company, to provide these valuable and critical services. By pooling our collective experience and capabilities, CTIA Spectrum Clearinghouse and Comsearch are prepared to make the relocation and cost-sharing process an uncomplicated and cost-efficient experience for you. This website provides you with details regarding our services and answers many of the questions you may have regarding the relocation and cost-sharing process.

This clearinghouse was established with your company in mind. We are confident our proposal is positioned to provide superior service and reimbursement notification via the clearinghouse to you and others who are able to benefit from cost-sharing situations. We look forward to serving your cost-sharing needs and facilitating the development of advanced wireless services.


Meredith Attwell Baker
President and CEO
CTIA—The Wireless Association